Hair Care

After your salon appointment, you’ll want to keep your hair styled and protected with our exclusive professional products. We will help you choose from the very best available today and we’ll also show you how to get the very best from them too. All part of the Robert Ari Salon Service.

Revlon Professional

Revlon professional has a range of rich and luxurious products suited to a variety of hair types and styles that have been specifically formulated to be beneficial to clients after a salon visit and to help them maintain their colour and style between appointments.


Leading hair brand Revlon Professional which has always brought you innovative colour, styling and hair care products has once again raised the bar with their sophisticated styling technology. The Revlon Professional Interactive range not only looks stunning with its new sleek packaging, but the products work to cleanse, hydrate and nourish hair for beautiful, shining styles.

Style Masters

Infused with the collective visions and creativity of the Revlon Style Masters team, the Style Masters range makes exciting versatility available for any hair style. From hairsprays and shine sprays to texturizing clays, waxes and mousses, the Style Masters range has the perfect product for all hair types and styles!


Luxury product Orofluido contains Cyerus Oil along with a number of natural, exotic oils that making the ultimate conditioning hair product. With just a few drops, hair blow-drying time can be cut by up to 20% and hair will be restored with a luminous shine and lustre that gives you a salon-beautiful finish at home!