Terms & conditions

Please read carefully

I give permission for the training hairdresser to cut/blowdry and/or colour my hair.

I understand that the training hairdresser is not qualified and is using me as a model to gain the necessary skills to become a professionaly qualified hairdresser.

I understand that I may be in the salon for at least 3 hours for the training session that I am about to partake in.

The hair cut and/or colour will be supervised and of the highest standard possible, with consideration given to the experience of the training hairdresser

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result, you may book a corrective recut or colour. This will be with the training hairdresser that did the original hair cut or colour.

The supervising teacher will not correct any recuts or colours. All corrections will be supervised by the supervising teacher and done by the training hairdresser.

While the service you are receiving is in progress, it is normal practice for the supervising teacher to stop the trainee for example, mid blowdry, and correct the training hairdresser’s technique or demonstrates how to get a highly professional finish.

Are you having a colour     Yes/No
I have had a colour sensitivity test in this salon and the result is. I am not allergic to the colour I am about to have.

Salon policy
We cannot put a colour on your scalp if this sensitivity test has not been carried out, or it’s been over 3 months since we coloured it last.

The supervising teacher has the power to move a model to another trainee for any reason he or she deems necessary.

There is a charge for all training school hairdressing services, please refer to the training school price list.